Do we need an appointment;
Yes you do. We would ask if you could phone to arrange an appointment so that an assistant to help you and a fitting room free.

How long does it take to order?
Wedding dresses take up to 16 weeks, Bridesmaids and mother of the bride 12-14 weeks. But certain designers do carry stock of their popular designs and so a quicker delivery is possible.

Can I get a dress in quicker?
Yes most designers do have an express delivery but an extra charge is made.

Do I have to pay for the dress in full when I order?
No once the contract of sale has been completed then a 50 % deposit is paid and your dress will be ordered.

When Do I pay the balance?
Once the dress has been delivered, we will arrange an appointment for you to come in and try on your dress and choose your accessories and the outstanding payment is settled. An appointment is arranged for the first fitting.

Is there a charge for dress alterations?
There is a separate charge for all alterations as we have to pay the skilled alteration ladies. The price of our dresses does not include the alteration charges because some brides know of someone who is able to do it for them. This way you only pay an alteration fee once. We are aware that this is an extra charge but we keep our prices low as we can.

When do I come in for the first fitting?
A suitable appointment 6 weeks prior to you wedding date will be arranged.

What do I bring for the first fitting?
Your wedding Lingerie and shoes if they are not the correct ones being worn on the day the fitting will not go ahead.

When do we come in for the 2nd fitting?
Approximately 2-3 weeks after the first one.

When do I collect my dress?
You can pick up your dress a few days before your wedding as once it has been steamed it will need to hang in a room with plenty of space.

When do I pay for the alteration?
The cost of the alterations will be paid on the 2nd fitting or collection of the dress.

How do we take our dress home?
You will be given a zipped dress bag to store your wedding dress after the day but would ask if you could bring along a double Duvet cover to transport the dress home with you.

Do you have storage boxes?
We sell a range of storage boxes from the Empty Box Company that you are able to order in a wide range of coloured papers ranging form £38 including travel boxes that can be taken inside the aeroplane.